Improving Your Home Security

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Four Fire Safety Tips For Your Business

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Preventing a fire from causing widespread damage to your business’s building can be a responsibility that will require you to be vigilant and proactive. If you have only recently become aware of the need to manage your business’s risk of suffering from a fire, you may find it difficult to create an effective plan for mitigating and managing this hazard. Consider Installing a Comprehensive Fire-Suppression System Once a fire has started, it is imperative for you to act quickly to limit the ability of the flames to grow and spread. Read More»

5 Places To Install Security Cameras In Your Convenience Store

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If you own or manage a convenience store, you should know that installing security cameras throughout the property can be a good idea. However, you could be wondering where you should place these cameras. Of course, every property has different security needs. In general, however, you’ll probably want to install security cameras in these five places: 1. Facing the Cash Registers Perhaps one of the most important places where you should install security cameras is near your convenience store’s cash registers. Read More»

Sticker Suggestions To Reduce The Risk Of A Home Break-In

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A home security is unquestionably the most effective way to protect your home from break-ins, but you should never fail to consider the other theft deterrents at your disposal. A quick, inexpensive, and easy way to further reduce the risk of burglars targeting your home is to use stickers that clearly convey the message that you’re not an easy victim. Stickers placed around your home, as well as on signs mounted to small posts and driven into your lawn, can convince a would-be thief that he or she should search for an alternate home to target. Read More»

Access Control Is More Important Than You Think

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One of the duties of many low-level security guards is access control. These are the guards you see stationed at doorways or information desks; they typically aren’t armed and are just there to check IDs and contact police if needed. The guards often have some training in restraining intruders, but mostly, they act as the first level of access permission. Given that description, you might think the job of access control is not that crucial, but it is, and you need to have people in those positions who are good at spotting potential trouble before anything starts. Read More»

How Can Real-Time Tracking & Response Provide Greater Security?

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Security systems are much more than just card scanners and badge readers with today’s technology. There is a wealth of information and capability available to secure people and company assets. Extensive Wi-Fi coverage, GPS location devices, and smart badges allow for an unprecedented level of granularity and response to secure facilities, systems, and even individual rooms within a building. What are some of the advances that you can utilize? Asset Tracking Read More»

Questions You Should Ask Security Companies Prior To Making A Security System Purchase

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Security companies are a dime a dozen now, with so many homeowners trying to make their homes safe and so many security companies trying to be of assistance and provide services. How do you know which company to choose and which services are right for you? First of all, you should always make contact with more than one security company so that you have estimates across the board and you know what you are getting for the price. Read More»