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Four Fire Safety Tips For Your Business

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Preventing a fire from causing widespread damage to your business's building can be a responsibility that will require you to be vigilant and proactive. If you have only recently become aware of the need to manage your business's risk of suffering from a fire, you may find it difficult to create an effective plan for mitigating and managing this hazard.

Consider Installing a Comprehensive Fire-Suppression System

Once a fire has started, it is imperative for you to act quickly to limit the ability of the flames to grow and spread. To this end, a comprehensive fire-suppression system can be the ideal solution. These systems should utilize a combination of automatic sprinklers and manual fire hoses to ensure that flames can be quickly extinguished once they start.

Conduct Regular Employee Fire Safety Training

In the moments immediately after a fire starts, it can be common for employees to feel overwhelmed by the steps that they should be taking to respond to the fire. While this will usually involve exiting the building, the presence of smoke and the panic that individuals may feel can lead to individuals becoming disoriented or unable to decide what they should do. By holding training sessions that will allow your employees to go through the motions of exiting the building, you can ensure that they are able to quickly evacuate if a fire starts.

Upgrade to Fire-Resistant Materials

The type of materials that are used in the construction of your building will be another factor that can play a role in its fire safety. There are many building materials that you can choose to use that will be extremely resistant to catching on fire. A perfect example of this can be fire-resistant insulation. By installing this type of insulation between the walls and in the ceiling and floors, you can limit the ability of a fire to spread from where it started. While this insulation will not completely stop the advance of the flames, it can slow them enough to allow firefighters to extinguish it.

Have Monitored Fire Alarm System

If a fire starts when your business is closed, there may not an employee available to sound the alarm or contact first responders. Due to this fact, it is possible for fires that start during closing hours to be among the most damaging. In order to help combat this threat, a monitored fire alarm system should be installed. These systems will notify a dispatcher in the event that a fire is detected, so the appropriate responders can be contacted.

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