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Questions You Should Ask Security Companies Prior To Making A Security System Purchase

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Security companies are a dime a dozen now, with so many homeowners trying to make their homes safe and so many security companies trying to be of assistance and provide services. How do you know which company to choose and which services are right for you? First of all, you should always make contact with more than one security company so that you have estimates across the board and you know what you are getting for the price. Then ask each company representative the following questions.

Will the House Be Monitored by the Security Company 24/7?

This is an important question to ask. Some security companies install equipment that do not link your home's system to their company. Instead, your home is left to your responsibility to monitor. Some customers prefer this type of service. If you are not that type of person, you will want to know that a third party is watching your house and your property while you are home and away and even while you are asleep.

Can You Get a Real Panic Button Installed?

Jokes aside, yes, there is a real thing called a panic button. On some systems it is located on the main box near your exits/entrances. The problem with this type of panic button is that you have to get to it to activate it, and if the prowler, burglar or intruder is already in your house and has spotted you, it is going to be difficult. Ask about the various types of panic buttons you can get.

What Happens When You Alarm the Windows but You Want to Open a Window?

This is a fairly common question. Most security companies will explain to you how the alarm systems on your windows are set up and how you can deactivate them to open them. Just be aware that by opening a window and deactivating the alarm on that window, there is no alarm set on that window. There may be a few other options for window alarms that will allow you to open windows, but still set them to trigger an alarm if jimmied open wider or shaken violently.

Can You Reset the Code Every Week?

Most security systems allow you to reset the code a few times a year. Some may even allow you to reset it once a month. Every week is a little tricky, especially if your system is wired into the company's computer system, and you will need to give the pass code in an emergency. It is not improbable or impossible, but you will have to ask for it and ask around for it.