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5 Places To Install Security Cameras In Your Convenience Store

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If you own or manage a convenience store, you should know that installing security cameras throughout the property can be a good idea. However, you could be wondering where you should place these cameras. Of course, every property has different security needs. In general, however, you'll probably want to install security cameras in these five places:

1. Facing the Cash Registers

Perhaps one of the most important places where you should install security cameras is near your convenience store's cash registers. This is important for a few reasons. For one thing, if your employees know that there are security cameras facing the cash registers, it can help deter them from being tempted to pocket some of the cash. Additionally, since cash registers can be the primary target if someone burglarizes your business, it's a good idea to have security cameras in place to deter these criminals and to provide useful information to law enforcement in the event that a crime does occur.

2. Near the Stock Room

One place that some people don't think about installing security cameras is near the stock room. However, employee theft is common, and it doesn't just involve cash. If you have security cameras in place, you can help ensure that employees see the cameras and are aware that you're keeping an eye on things.

3. Near the Beer Area

If your store sells beer, then you may want to think about putting security cameras near the beer cooler or the shelf where the beer is displayed. For one thing, you should know that beer can be more prone to being stolen in many cases. Additionally, having security cameras in place can help you watch out for things like underage individuals.

4. In "Hidden" Areas of the Store

Shoplifting can occur in any convenience store. No matter how well your store might be laid out, there is a good chance that there are areas of the store that cannot be easily seen from the counter. If you put security cameras in these areas, you can help prevent shoplifting from happening.

5. Outside

You shouldn't just focus on putting security cameras inside your convenience store; you might find that it's also a good idea to put them outside of your store as well. Then, you can keep an eye on what is going on outside while you're working inside the store, you can help deter break-ins after hours, and you can catch evidence of things like vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers in the event that a crime is committed on the property.

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