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Sticker Suggestions To Reduce The Risk Of A Home Break-In

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A home security is unquestionably the most effective way to protect your home from break-ins, but you should never fail to consider the other theft deterrents at your disposal. A quick, inexpensive, and easy way to further reduce the risk of burglars targeting your home is to use stickers that clearly convey the message that you're not an easy victim. Stickers placed around your home, as well as on signs mounted to small posts and driven into your lawn, can convince a would-be thief that he or she should search for an alternate home to target. Here are some suggestions for stickers.

Security System Sticker

One of the best stickers you can use to keep thieves away from your property is one that indicates your home is protected by a security system. Some homeowners use generic stickers without actually having a home security system, but an experienced criminal will see through this guise. You're better off contacting your home security provider to obtain legitimate stickers. They'll often read something such as, "This home is protected by" and then the name of the security company.

Dog Owner Sticker

The average burglar doesn't want to tangle with a guard dog, as doing so can not only alert people due to the dog's barking, but also leave the criminal with a bite. Regardless of whether or not you're a dog owner, you might wish to protect your property with one or more stickers that indicate that you have a trained guard dog. A would-be burglar doesn't have to see proof of a dog — the simple presence of a sticker that suggests a guard dog is on the property can be enough to dissuade some criminals.

Gun Owner Sticker

Some homeowners attempt to discourage thieves from targeting them by using stickers that indicate that they own firearms. Such stickers could be placed in one or more areas around the exterior of the home to send a clear message to anyone who might be targeting the residence for a break-in. It's easy to find such stickers not only on the internet, but also at gun shows and firearms stores. In some cases, you'll find stickers have use a humorous approach to convey this serious message. For example, a sticker might say, "Because ammunition is expensive, we don't believe in warning shots." This sticker might make the average person chuckle, but it's no laughing matter to a burglar.