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Fact Or Fiction? Debunking Common Myths About Video Surveillance Systems

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The video surveillance industry is growing rapidly. It's estimated that the market will be worth $62.6 billion by 2023 and $74.6 billion by 2025. Today, you'll find video surveillance systems almost everywhere – from residential homes to business settings, corporations, and government establishments. 

However, despite the popularity of video surveillance systems, many false myths still surround them, preventing some people from knowing how they truly work. This post aims to fix that. Here are three common video surveillance misconceptions and the truth behind them. 

Myth 1: Video Surveillance Systems Are Only Useful for Catching Criminals

While it's true that most businesses and companies install surveillance systems to catch or deter criminals, the technology can do so much more. In a business environment, video footage can improve operations and customer service by showing where the weaknesses are in your processes. 

Video surveillance cameras can also encourage your employees to work harder and comply with workplace regulations as they know they're being monitored. And, if conflicts or issues like sexual harassment arise among employees or between employees and customers, you can check the video footage to see what exactly happened before taking the necessary measures. 

Myth 2: You Don't Need Video Surveillance for Your Small Business

This isn't true. Even if your business is small, you still need to safeguard your assets and your employee(s). With security cameras placed in strategic locations, criminals will avoid entering your premises because they're afraid of being caught. 

Besides, security threats may come from inside. Your own employees may steal some of your office items when you're not around. But with proper video surveillance, you have a record of everything that goes on, making it easy to catch the culprit. 

That said, you probably don't need 12 cameras if you have a small business. Maybe one or two cameras would be enough for your small office. Luckily, you can have a video surveillance system tailored to your specific needs. 

Myth 3: Surveillance Systems Are Too Expensive

It's true that the upfront costs of an entire video surveillance system can be high. But this is nothing compared to the benefits you'll be getting. Think about how much you would stand to lose if burglars broke into your office and stole all your assets and equipment. If an employee or customer filed a false personal injury lawsuit against your company, how much would that cost you and hurt your brand?

With video surveillance cameras, such incidents will be rare. And, even if they do happen, you have recorded footage that can help catch the involved criminals or disprove the false claims. Thus, when you look at the bigger picture, surveillance systems can help your business save a lot of money.