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Know the Components of a Home Security System

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Want to secure your home by installing a security system? If so, you will have plenty of options for how robust you want the security system to be. Here are the various components of a security system that you can add on to make your home more secure.

Alarm Speakers

Your security system doesn't necessarily need to have an audible alarm. Your keypads are going to beep and let you know that the alarm has been set off, but it is not going to act as a deterrent to anybody that trips the alarm.

You will have the option of adding a loud speak for the alarm that will be very noticeable if someone sets it off. The goal is to deter criminals from staying in your home and to leave immediately, which will definitely happen if your neighbors hear the alarm and step outside to see what is happening.

Entry Key Fobs

Long gone are the days of having to enter a code into a keypad to activate or deactivate your alarm. You can actually get a key fob that is much like the one you use to lock your car. This will let you easily activate or deactivate your alarm system when exiting or entering your home so you don't have to mess with a keypad in the dark.

Hazard Sensors

Many modern security systems can also alert you to hazards that cause your home to not be safe. This includes connected smoke detectors to identify a fire, water sensors to identify flooding, and even temperature sensors to alert you about potentially freezing pipes. While these are not necessarily related to securing your home from someone breaking in, it will help you react quickly to the hazards they are meant to identify.

Window Sensors

You have a few options for securing the windows of your home. On option is to place a motion sensor on the window, which can track anybody that comes through the window while the alarm is active. If you are worried about someone breaking the glass, there are sensors designed to pick up on the specific frequency of glass breaking to let you know that it happened. Sensors can also be placed on windows to let you know if they are open or closed, which give you some added peace of mind that everything is closed when leaving your home.

Speak to a security system company such as Sonitrol Security Systems for more info on additional components that you can purchase to secure your home.