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Basement Room Conversions: 4 Ways To Add & Enhance Security

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When upgrading a home, many people like to take advantage of every square foot. One way of doing this is by converting basement areas into bedrooms. But the addition of a bedroom in a basement may lack the typical upgrades and features of the rest of the home, such as security. Instead of making the room vulnerable, you can hire security services to add a variety of upgrades for a basement bedroom. The upgrades can enhance the security of the unique area and all of the entry points into a basement.

Bulkhead Door Sensors

One of the more vulnerable areas on a basement is a bulkhead door. The large access doors lead directly to a basement from the exterior of a home. Locking the door can provide extra security, but it also makes it easy for someone to break the lock and just head inside. Add extra security to your bulkhead doors by having sensors installed. Security sensors can send alerts to security companies and create audible alarms when someone attempts to access the bulkhead door. These sensors are typically installed on the inside of the bulkhead door so they cannot be tampered with by someone from the outside.

Glass Break Detector

With basements being underground, traditional features are located at easy access levels for potential burglars. One feature to be concerned about is a basement window. Traditional windows may be perched high enough to make them hard to climb into, but a basement window is at an easy access point that requires no climbing. If someone is attempting to break into your basement window, one of the best security features to have installed is a glass break detector.

Instead of motion sensors, glass break detectors rely on sound and pitches to track the sound of breaking glass. If a glass break has been detected, then the sensor will automatically go off and alert the security company. An audible alarm may also be built into the detector to help deter any further criminal activity. A security company can link this alarm to their system so that glass breaks are instantly detected and the proper authorities are notified.

Wireless Security Cameras

A basement may not have the same wiring or outlets available as the rest of the house. You do not have to limit your security features just because these options are not available. As an alternative, you can have a security company install wireless security cameras that do not need any outlets or wiring. Because they are wireless, these security cameras can be mounted nearly anywhere in the basement bedroom. It gives you clear footage and monitoring of the room. The wireless technology can also extend outside the home so you can easily add security monitoring to the exterior of basement entry areas. The wireless footage can be streamed to multiple devices including an in-home DVR for footage or another wireless device like a tablet. The storage of the footage allows you to play back clips and view any suspicious activity. Many of the wireless cameras are set to motion activation to help conserve battery power and only capture the footage that is needed.

Bedroom Light Automation

Security companies have the ability to set up home automation tools for your basement bedroom. One of the best types of home automation for a basement bedroom is a light timer. A dark basement may seem like an easy entry point for criminals, but if the lights are on, it can deter someone from trying to enter. Basements are typically darker and have limited lights. By having automated lights installed, you can set the lights to turn on just before you arrive home. This makes it easy to enter an illuminated basement without fumbling your way through the dark.

Security companies, such as ones like Videotec Corporation, offer multiple types of packages and service deals that can help you add the needed security to a basement bedroom.