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Retail Store Video Cameras: Going Beyond Theft Surveillance

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One of the main ways that commercial security systems can help in a retail industry is to monitor and deter theft from occurring. While this is one of the main benefits, there are other benefits that your store can take advantage of by having a security system installed. These advantages make it easy to monitor situations and save money in the process. If you own a retail business, you can hire the services of a commercial security company to set up these systems and really track your day-to-day retail activities.

Car Accidents

Along with monitoring the interior of a store, many retail stores choose to add exterior cameras. Not only are these cameras ideal for tracking potential thieves and identifying their vehicles, but the same cameras can be used to capture other parking lot incidents. For example, the cameras can be used to capture any type of car accidents that occur in the parking lot. Customers involved in an accident may try to hold your business liable for lot conditions, poor signs, or blind spots. Surveillance footage can show how the vehicle is at fault and help defend your business against any of these claims. The cameras can also work the other way around to showcase how cars may have damaged property at your business like light posts, shopping carts, or the building itself.

Security companies can install high-quality cameras that can capture vehicle details and make it a lot easier to identify potential suspects. Extra camera features like night vision or extended visuals can help add surveillance 24 hours a day.

Worker's Compensation Claims

If someone is injured at work, they will likely seek support payments through a worker's compensation claim. As a claim is filed, you may want to contest the injuries and the event that occurred. Surveillance footage is one of the best ways to offer proof of a claim. For example, an employee may have exaggerated the injury incident that occurred in an attempt to stay out of work longer or seek more money. If this is the case, then the surveillance footage can show exactly what circumstances lead to the employee injury. Security companies can install cameras in areas like back rooms and loading docks where injuries may occur. Having complete coverage of your store can ensure that all of the footage is captured and the proper evidence is used for the case.


Theft is not the only crime that can be committed in a retail environment. A lot of work goes into setting up retail displays and signs. Vandalism can cause damage to displays, products, and other objects in the store. When vandalism does occur, the clean-up costs can come directly out of the store's profits. A proper security system can not only help deter vandalism, but it can help stop people in the act of vandalism. Live monitoring of your store through IP camera systems can showcase any suspicious activity. It allows you to properly monitor suspicious actions and confront them right away. Security companies can set up digital security monitors that connect to computers or devices like a tablet. While working, you can easily monitor footage, select single cameras, or view all of the cameras at once.

Store Flow

Stopping and helping with crimes is important, but surveillance footage can also give you a great bird's eye view of the flow in your store. You can easily see traffic flow in various aisles and help determine how the flow impacts your customers' experience. For example, you may have a fixture that creates a blind spot for shopping carts. By looking at the surveillance footage, you can see how many shoppers get caught up in these blind spot areas. It allows you to create a comfortable flow in the store and really enhance the shopping experience.

Once a security system is implemented, it will be easy to track footage and keep tabs on things each day. Contact a company like A Tech / Easy Living Store for more information.