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4 Ways Exterior Commercial Security Cameras Can Help Your Local Community

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Adding a security camera system to your business is a great way to offer protection and surveillance on your property. When shopping for professional security systems, you will often have a selection of the exterior cameras that you want for coverage. Choosing exterior security cameras can not only help with the security of your business, but they can provide a number of helpful tools for your local community. Bringing a community together and helping with law enforcement is a great way to increase the overall safety and help out neighbors. When you choose to have exterior security cameras installed, there are four specific ways you can help the community and make positive differences.

Vehicle Incidents

Exterior cameras often point to parking lots or streets that run along your business. The footage that you record is a great way to capture vehicle incidents. One of the more common vehicle incidents that you will encounter is a car accident. By using security footage, law enforcement can see how the actions of the accident played out. This is a great way to end disputes and showcase any safety concerns in the area. For example, if there is blind spot on a turn, the security footage can showcase this issue and use it to make proper traffic changes in the area.

The exterior cameras can also showcase any stolen vehicle investigations. If police are looking for stolen vehicles, your footage may indicate when the vehicle passed by your business and what direction it was headed in. Simply handing over the footage can help someone in the community retrieve their lost vehicle.

Nighttime Activities

Traveling alone at night can be scary for some people. Walking through a parking lot or visiting your business when it's dark out may not be the most comfortable situation. The visual installation of exterior cameras can make people feel more secure and relaxed as they travel around your business through the night. Security companies offer the installation of night vision cameras. These cameras have the ability to see a large scope of your business exterior. As an alternative to night vision cameras, you can pair a standard security camera with large flood lights that will illuminate your parking lot and business storefront.

Missing Person Cases

Each day, there are around 90,000 people missing in the United States. Tracking missing person cases requires a lot of detective work and retracing steps. If anyone has gone missing in your local area, the exterior cameras on your business can provide crucial clues in the case. High quality cameras have the ability to distinguish clothes, hair styles, and facial features. Hours of footage can be given to detectives so they can investigate and determine if the person has shown up on your feed. Having these cameras installed is a great way for families to track their loved ones and support the community during these difficult times.

Live Streams

Some businesses choose to provide public live streams of their cameras online. If you broadcast your exterior cameras, you can help the community in many different ways. Watching live streams of your exterior cameras is a great way to check the weather or road conditions in the winter. Throughout the whole year, the cameras can showcase traffic for people headed to the area.

A security company can help set up the cameras and run them through a digital IP. Not only will this give locals access to the live streams, but you can view security footage from multiple devices and connect to your system no matter where you are located. The extra feature can give you peace of mind that your business has proper surveillance.

Contact a security company, such as Alarm Research Inc, to see your options for exterior systems. You can choose from single camera or multi-camera coverage options depending on how large your business is.